My Daily Bread

(n) the stuff that gets me by

I like things. All sorts of things. Novels and short stories and poems and plays. Video games. Tiramisu. You (probably). Cats!

This is a place where I write about these things. Mostly for fun. But also because I want to improve how I talk about the things I love.*

*Content warning: a lot of this stays light. But I’m also Me, so I also talk about things like eating disorders and alcohol abuse and suicidal ideation. Not super often, but it’s there. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

October 20th

On Emily Mortgenstern’s The Night Circus, Paul Cunningham’s The House of the Tree of Sores, and Josh Malerman’s Bird Box The first comparison that comes to mind to Emily Mortgenstern’s The Night Circus isn’t a favorable one. The only book in the past to be recommended to me as frequently (and fervently) as The NightContinue reading “October 20th”

October 7th

On Brian Barker’s Vanishing Acts, Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House, and E.M. Cioran’s All Gall Is Divided The more I write, the more I find myself distrustful of words. Take, for instance, the previous sentence, within which I might have easily substituted “distrusting” for “distrustful of.” Or “furious at” for that. Or “disappointedContinue reading “October 7th”

September 30th

On Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, The Menzingers’ On the Impossible Past, and W.S. Merwin’s Migration I begin most of these reflections with a summary, no matter how brief. But Lolita is ubiquitous, and Migration spans fifty years of a career. Plot lies beside the point. What I want to talk about instead is the blasted territoryContinue reading “September 30th”

September 20th

On Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, Emil Cioran’s The Trouble with Being Born, and Emily St. John Mandel’s The Glass Hotel The best storytellers, I find, surprise without appearing to try. I wrote last week of Sound of Metal, whose director and writer, Darius Marder, effortlessly avoids a minefield of genre clichés, thereby telling one ofContinue reading “September 20th”


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